Adormidera (2013)

IMDB: 4.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A fictional story set in the late 1300's about a group of five soldiers who are returning home from battle. As they journey back across different lands, hungry and exhausted they request food and lodging for the night in a fort. Inside the fort the experience some peculiar behavior, and whilst four of the soldiers decide to ignore it, Tristan can't seem to help getting involved, only problem is he takes it a step too far.
GenresAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Year2013
Duration90 min
DirectorRaymond Mizzi
ActorsAndrei Claude, Lori MacFadyen, Joseph Calleja, Henry Zammit Cordina, Larissa Bonaci, Derek DeGaetano, Andre Mallia, Robert Grima, Daniel Sammut, Barry Calvert, Audrey Harrison, Rob Zammit, Clara Calleja, Joe Degiorgio, Julia Calvert
ProductionGreat Siege Productions, ERA Productions

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