American Descent (2014)

IMDB: 3.5/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In 2014, Sergeant First Class Stephen Harris edited and uploaded this film. It was his message to the world. A group of teenagers are sent an unlabeled DVD from a U.S. Army base in Afghanistan containing a video of a strange woman tied to a tree. It ends with a clue. The teens follow the clue to another and yet another, until what started out as a game becomes a terrifying chase into the psychopathic mind of Harris. At the end of the line, the teens' world comes full circle as they discover they weren't just playing a game, they were pawns in a revenge plot only a master of war could devise.
Release Year2014
Duration83 min
DirectorBrooks Hunter
ActorsEva Link, Madeline Link, Olivier Surprenant, Caeden Lawrence, Mark Slacke, Rachel Cairns, Timothy Paul Coderre, Katherine Dines, Stephen MacDonald, Valerie Lalonde
ProductionBunk 11 Pictures, Robanzo Pictures, Zed Filmworks

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