Athena (2015)

IMDB: 6.5/10 ,Total viewed: 0
It's about Carl, whose life has crumbled, and who now exists as a shell of a man. His wretched existence is punctuated by the loss of his wife and all of the emotional scarring that has created. It's also about Emily, who is not well herself. She may be slightly schizophrenic and manic depressive, but she's doing fine in general... stable job, active social life. Things could be better, if only she had Carl. There is hope, however. Hope in the form of a voice which appears to Carl, then to Emily. That voice is Athena, but is she merely manipulating the situation, or is she genuinely attempting to help these two people? Life is messy, and she could be making things worse.
GenresDrama, Horror, Thriller
Release Year2015
Duration98 min
DirectorRobert W. Filion
ActorsMatthew Ewald, Vanelle, Mahri Shelton, Michael Melendez, Patrick G. Keenan, Kristin Jann-Fischer, Jerry Keys, Tim Ross, Robert W. Filion, Mr. Bones McCoy, Lee Miller, Ana Shaw, Tommy Allen Taylor, Nicholas Azarian, Tara-Nicole Azarian
ProductionImage Impact Group, GreySun Productions

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