Burn Notice Season 6 (2012)

IMDB: 8.7/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Fiona hoped her confession would allow to protect Michael by sending the federal authorities after Anson, but hostile interrogator Jason Bly even tries to trick her into believing Mike is dead. In fact Jesse found Andon's trail, so Mike and Sam, who gets it bad for not preventing Fi's 'escpae' to surrender, stage a truck accident to overtake him. Anson however anticipated and set an elaborate trap in a vast chemical plant, where he sets them up for his murder of a security guard. Mike however surprisingly gets almost unconditionally the limited rescue team agent Pearce can sort of spare after the air strip disaster.
GenresAction, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Crime
Release Year2012
Duration43 min
DirectorStephen Surjik
ActorsJeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Coby Bell, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Jere Burns, Alex Carter, Lauren Stamile, Matt Doman, Jordan Werner, Frank Licari, Pearce Blair, Derek Roberts, Amy Wegmann, Matt Nye
ProductionFabrik Entertainment

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