Dark Shade Creek 3: Trail to Hell (2017)

IMDB: 5.0/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Carter finds out Dark Shade Creek has some of the best riding trails in the US and decides to take three of his friends there on a weekend riding adventure. He also fails to mention to them that while researching the trails he came across the story of Cyrus Black. The logger who was drugged at the old sawmill with what should've been a lethal dose of LSD by his boss and soon to be father-in-law Walter Rigby. Cyrus' mind was destroyed and he disappeared into the woods by the creek and now he's back for the long awaited third installment of the Dark Shade Creek franchise: Trail To Hell.
Release Year2017
Duration95 min
DirectorDavid Mankey
ActorsTravis Beal, Tony Brown, Jeff Christner, Justine Keefer, Marshall Kuhn, Jade Michael LaFont, David Mankey, Ryan Shaffer, Joni Shaulis, Sharon Shaulis, Diane Vought, Nathan Zehner
ProductionDark Shade Films

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