Derailed (2002)

IMDB: 3.9/10 ,Total viewed: 0
On an out of control train holding hostages and high-tech bio-weapons agent Kristoff (Van Damme) becomes a one man army to derail the terrorists and save the lives of everyone on board!
GenresAction, Thriller
CountryAruba, USA
Release Year2002
Duration89 min
DirectorBob Misiorowski
ActorsJean-Claude Van Damme, Tomas Arana, Laura Harring, Susan Gibney, Lucy Jenner, Jessica Bowman, Kris Van Damme, John Bishop, Binky van Bilderbeek, Dayton Callie, Simona Williams, Sandra Vidal, Stefanos Miltsakakis, Jimmy Jean-Louis, George Stanchev
ProductionMillennium Films, 777 Films Corporation, Halt Productions

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