Fly Away Home (1996)

IMDB: 6.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Amy is only 13 years old when her mother is killed in an auto wreck in New Zealand. She goes to Canada to live with her father, an eccentric inventor whom she barely knows. Amy is miserable in her new life...that is until she discovers a nest of goose eggs that were abandoned when developers began tearing up a local forest. The eggs hatch and Amy becomes "Mama Goose". The young birds must fly south for the winter, but who will lead them there? With a pair of ultralight airplanes, Amy, her dad and their friends must find a way to do it...
GenresAdventure, Drama, Family
Release Year1996
Duration107 min
DirectorCarroll Ballard
ActorsJeff Daniels, Anna Paquin, Dana Delany, Terry Kinney, Holter Graham, Jeremy Ratchford, Deborah Verginella, Michael J. Reynolds, David Hemblen, Ken James, Nora Ballard, Sarena Paton, Carmen Lishman, Christi Hill, Judith Orban
ProductionColumbia Pictures Corporation, Sandollar Productions

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