Gorky Park (1983)

IMDB: 6.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
An investigator on the Moscow police force relentlessly pursues the solution to a triple homicide which occurred in Moscow's Gorky Park. He finds that no one really wants him to solve the crime because it is just the tip of a complex conspiracy which involves the highest levels of the Moscow city government.
GenresMystery, Drama, Thriller, Crime
Release Year1983
Duration128 min
DirectorMichael Apted
ActorsWilliam Hurt, Lee Marvin, Brian Dennehy, Ian Bannen, Joanna Pacula, Michael Elphick, Richard Griffiths, Rikki Fulton, Alexander Knox, Alexei Sayle, Ian McDiarmid, Niall O'Brien, Henry Woolf, Tusse Silberg, Patrick Field
ProductionEagle Associates

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