Jesse James: Lawman (2015)

IMDB: 2.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
When a small town is overrun by the gang of outlaws. The Mayor finds that they are under the thumb of the gang's leader, villainous Hoyt Killian. The town's sheriff takes it upon himself to hire famed outlaw Jesse James to infiltrate the gang and stop their evil plans from inside their ranks. Its outlaw versus outlaw and to the winner goes the town and it's secret treasures. An action packed western featuring Kevin Sorbo and the legendary Peter Fonda.
Release Year2015
Duration77 min
DirectorBrett Kelly
ActorsKevin Sorbo, Peter Fonda, Andrew Galligan, Lawrence Evenchick, Lee Cyr, Jeff Dylan Graham, Andre Guantanamo, John N.E. Hill, Candice Lidstone, Pavel Lubanski, John Migliore, Ian Quick, Mark Singleton, John Tomac, Chad Walls
ProductionBrett Kelly Entertainment

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