Junkie (2012)

IMDB: 4.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Junkie is a pitch black comedy about two heavily addicted, drug addled brothers, Danny (Daniel Louis Rivas) and Nicky (Robert LaSardo). When Danny decides he's going clean, Nicky reacts aggressively, driving Danny from one insane experience to another as a whole host of bizarre, surreal characters descend on their house, all with grievances to bear, debts to reclaim or trouble to cause. As Danny's life spirals out of control he must fight tooth and nail to kick the habit and rescue himself from the personal hell Nicky has consigned him to, whilst simultaneously attempting to repair the deeply damaged relationships with his increasingly bizarre friends and family.
Release Year2012
Duration84 min
DirectorAdam Mason
ActorsRobert LaSardo, Daniel Louis Rivas, Tess Panzer, Tomas Boykin, Caroline Guivarch, Ian Duncan, Andrew Howard, Julia Sandberg Hansson, Charisse Sanzo, Sara Rivas, Sarah Uslan, Michael Sanzo, Marie Sanzo, Mike Sanzo, Debbie Muza

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