Justice League: Dawn of Apokolips (2017)

IMDB: /10 ,Total viewed: 0
After the events of Shattered Paragon, Batman back working on his own gets interrupted by Supergirl. He must get the league back together to bring Supergirl back to the good side, but a darker more sinister thing is behind her returning from the dead.
Release Year2017
Duration60 min
DirectorNathaniel Shields
ActorsKim Almacen, Paige Awtrey, Collin Blackford, Kendra Buck, Kendra Buck, Wes Clark, Sly Clayton, Key Dieck, Greg Farinelli, Jay Giordano, Laura Jerdak, Ben Johnson, Tobi Kano, Shale Le Page, Catherine McGuire
ProductionShields Productions

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