Orc Wars : Dragonfyre (2013)

IMDB: 3.4/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A battle-weary ex-Special Forces Operative buys a ranch in remote American West to flee from the world, and encounters a strange series of trespassers, including a beautiful elf princess and a Native American mystic and Orcs. When the Orcs invade his property, John must give up his isolation to become a hero, before the Orcs unleash their dragon god on our world.
GenresAction, Fantasy, Adventure
Release Year2013
Duration97 min
DirectorKohl Glass
ActorsRusty Joiner, Masiela Lusha, Wesley John, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Maclain Nelson, Adam Johnson, Clare Niederpruem, Jake Van Wagoner, Rocky Myers, Mark Brocksmith, Richard Allen, Marshall Glass, Clare Grant, Renny Ison, Samantha Law
ProductionArrowstorm Entertainment, Camera 40 Productions

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