Person of Interest Season 2 (2012)

IMDB: 9.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Reese is feeling at a loss with Finch having been kidnapped by Root aka Caroline Turing, the woman who the machine had identified as a person of interest, but who had set the machine up so that she could find Finch. Reese however does discover that Finch had set the machine up to use him as the contingency if anything were ever to happen to him, although it takes some deciphering on Reese's part to discover how the machine communicates the numbers. Reese hopes that the next number will be for Finch as the next person of interest. That's why Reese is disappointed when he learns that the next number belongs to Leon Tao, an accountant who stole $8 million from gangsters, an arm of the Aryan Nation. With Fusco's assistance, Reese tries to protect himself and Leon while getting Carter to do some legwork on Alicia Corwin's death, which is the primary lead they have on Root and Finch. They are unaware that there are other factions working against them, those faction who are hiding aspects of...
GenresAction, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller, Crime
Release Year2012
Duration44 min
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
ActorsJim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson, Amy Acker, Jay O. Sanders, Cotter Smith, Boris McGiver, Terry Serpico, Bill Sage, Ken Leung, Robert Allen Mukes, Richard D. Busser, Thomas Kopache, Dori Legg
ProductionKilter Films, Bad Robot, Warner Bros. Television

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