Reel Zombies (2008)

IMDB: 4.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Independent Zombie Film makers, Producer Mike Masters and Director David J. Francis, the team behind the commercially unsuccessful Zombie Night 1 and 2, have found the climate for Zombie movies has changed significantly after the "real" zombie invasion begins. Hedging on the fact that the Zombie mayhem that has taken a grip on the nation is only a temporary problem, the film makers realize that once normalcy has returned, demand for Zombie product (now outlawed) will be at an all time high. The filmmakers seize an opportunity to do something they were never able to before on their meager budgets, make a memorable zombie film. This time, however, through using real zombies, the film will have an authenticity and production value previously unattainable. They set about "bringing the gang back together" and assemble several key cast and crew members from their past productions (the ones that aren't already dead). With a full crew and a documentarian following them all the way, Masters ...
GenresAction, Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Release Year2008
Duration89 min
DirectorDavid J. Francis, Mike Masters
ActorsMike Masters, David J. Francis, Stephen Papadimitriou, Sam Hall, Paul Fler, Andrew Fruman, Dan Rooney, Stephannie Hawkins, Steve Curtis, Lloyd Kaufman, Jean-Marc Fontaine, Stevie Jay, Supinder Kaur, Bill Simmons, Chris Bellio
ProductionLast Call Productions, Primal Films Inc.

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