Shadow of a Doubt (1995)

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Shadow of a Doubt (1995)
Charlie Sloan is an alcoholic defence lawyer drawn back into the courtroom by Robin Harwell, a woman he once loved who wants him to defend her stepdaughter Angel, who is accused of murder. Sloan is out of his depth as his opponents mount a bitter campaign to portray him as a drunk and the trial becomes a media circus. Can Sloan justify Robin's faith in him?
GenresCrime, Drama
Release Year1995
Duration92 min
DirectorBrian Dennehy
ActorsBrian Dennehy, Bonnie Bedelia, Fairuza Balk, Mike Nussbaum, Kevin Dunn, Joe Grifasi, Michael MacRae, Ken Pogue, Donnelly Rhodes, Brent Jennings, Bruce McGill, Mavor Moore, Henry Beckman, Don S. Davis, Fulvio Cecere
ProductionHallmark Entertainment, Michele Brustin Productions, Scripps Howard Entertainment

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