Tell Gordon Hello (2010)

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Tell Gordon Hello (2010)
Tell Gordon Hello was spawned off of Morgan Rodner's love of two things: film and comics. During a writer's block that all artists come across at some point in their lifetime, Rodner met Paul Louis Harrell while directing another short film. Rodner soon discovered that Harrell had a pastime of playing the Joker on Hollywood Blvd for tips which was the catalyst that put the wheels into motion for Tell Gordon Hello. After developing the story with Bryan Wolfson, Morgan presented a finished script to Casey Schendel. Together they found a cast and crew of friends and colleagues, all of whom shared a collective love of Nolan and Ledger's dark and brutal portrayal of the Joker. With a budget next to nothing, the biggest obstacle the team faced was finding a location. By chance, Casey was able to procure a 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse that was not only ideal, but at no cost thanks to ATB Studios. Zilla Lighting generously donated use of all their lighting & grip equipment and the RED camera was ...
GenresCrime, Horror, Short, Thriller
Release Year2010
Duration11 min
DirectorMorgan Rodner (as Morgan Rodner)
ActorsPaul Louis Harrell, Zach Silverman

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