The Book of Daniel (2013)

IMDB: 6.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In 605 B.C. Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians and many of their best young men were taken into captivity, including Daniel. Daniel was taken to Babylon to serve it. As Powerful ... See full summary »
GenresDrama, History
Release Year2013
Duration90 min
DirectorAnna Zielinski
ActorsRobert Miano, Andrew Bongiorno, Lance Henriksen, Kevin McCorkle, Rolf Saxon, Peter Kluge, Liam Matthews, Ben Maccabee, Alice Amter, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez, Kevin Blake, Drew Cardillo, Francesco Curá, Alton Demore, Anthony L. Fernandez
ProductionPure Flix Entertainment

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