The Coming War on China (2016)

IMDB: 7.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
The Coming War on China is John Pilger's 60th film for ITV. Pilger reveals what the news doesn't - that the United States and the world's second economic power, China (both nuclear armed) are on the road to war. Pilger's film is a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.
GenresDocumentary, History
Release Year2016
Duration113 min
DirectorJohn Pilger
ActorsFranklin Blaisdell, James Bradley, Bruce Cumings, Dana Rohrabacher, Eric Li, Barack Obama, Rinok Riklon, Nerje Joseph, Betty Edmond, Lemoyo Abon, Giff Johnson, Gene Curbow, Thomas H. Armbruster, Tony de Brum, Darlene Keju
ProductionSBS Australia, Bertha Foundation, The, Reva and David Logan Foundation, The

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