The Cry of the Owl (2009)

IMDB: 6.0/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A young woman becomes inexplicably attracted to a man who is stalking her. When her boyfriend goes missing, the stalker is the immediate suspect, until a game of jealousy and betrayal turns deadly.
GenresDrama, Thriller
CountryCanada, France, Germany, UK, USA
Release Year2009
Duration100 min
DirectorJamie Thraves
ActorsPaddy Considine, Julia Stiles, Karl Pruner, Phillip MacKenzie, Gord Rand, James Gilbert, R.D. Reid, Caroline Dhavernas, Alex Karzis, Marcia Laskowski, Krista Bridges, Charlotte Sullivan, Robbie Campbell, Jennifer Kydd, Dru Viergever
ProductionBBC Films, Harold Greenberg Fund, The, MACT Productions

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