The Dark Knight (2011)

IMDB: 2.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A group of desperate soldiers hatch a plan to steal a Warlord's treasure and start a new life. Faced with the threat of a horrific death at the hands of the Warlord's executioners, the men escape into a desolate and forbidden land known only as the Shadowlands. Now the men must flee from the Warlord's vicious assassins whilst defending themselves from the terrifying creatures that inhabit the land.
GenresAction, Fantasy
Release Year2011
Duration81 min
DirectorDrew Maxwell
ActorsKyle Walsh, Aaron Farb, Debra Lopez, Bruce Spielbauer, R. Michael Gull, Matt Ukena, Alisa Venus, Amanda Borchardt, Terrell Harper, Ryan Berard, Xander Mawell, Amanda Shalhoub, Matthew Huebsch, Keryaki Kolasa, Adam Bucholz
ProductionLightning Rod Studios

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