The Dark Knight Returns: An Epic Fan Film (2016)

IMDB: 7.0/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Adapted from Issue #1 of Frank Miller's seminal 1986 comic series, filmmaker Wyatt Weed ("Shadowland," "Four Color Eulogy") offers his unofficial fan's take on the Batman mythos. Following the death of Robin at the hands of the Joker, Bruce Wayne (Weed) hung up the cowl and cape 10 years ago. But now Gotham City is in the grip of a violent crime wave, and the venerable 55-year-old billionaire has to decide if the time is right for the Caped Crusader's return. (This production is non-profit and is for entertainment purposes only. The production is in no way associated with DC Comics or Time Warner.)
GenresAction, Drama
Release Year2016
Duration46 min
DirectorWyatt Weed
ActorsWyatt Weed, Rick McGougan, John Contini, John Reidy, Robert Lee Davis, Taylor Pietz, Amber Eslow, Bill Finkbiner, Catherine Dudley-Rose, Mike Dowdy, Reginald Reese, Bryana Gilomen, Liam Gallagher, Jason Contini, Ava Osthus
ProductionPirate Pictures

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