The Hike (2011)

IMDB: 3.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A young soldier, Kate (Zara Phythian), returns from a tour in Afghanistan after witnessing her boyfriend's tragic death in combat. With the comfort of her friends, including Torri (Barbara Nedeljacova), she takes the chance to get away on a camping trip to a picturesque, remote area of the British countryside. Wanting to escape their past, the girls begin their expedition into the woods for a peaceful break. As they near Sunset Point, they come across a strange and evasive group of locals who seem to be living off the land. During their journey they also have a friendly encounter with three charming, rock-climbing adventurers, led by Ethan (Ben Loyd Holmes). After the girls find themselves secluded again, Charlie (Jemma Bolt) suddenly goes missing, leaving the girls vulnerable in the dangerous woods. As darkness falls, the girls will be forced to rely on each other and their newly formed friendships to find Charlie before it becomes the last hike of their lives.
Release Year2011
Duration83 min
DirectorRupert Bryan
ActorsJemma Bolt, Stephanie Siadatan, Lisa-Marie Long, Zara Phythian, Tamer Hassan, Barbara Nedeljakova, Adam Logan, Kasha Bajor, Natalie Hughes, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Daniel Caren, Dominic Le Moignan, Shauna Macdonald, Emma Bulivant, Stefan D'Bart
ProductionBad Panda Films, Motion Picture House, The Hike Film

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