The Nail Gun Massacre (1985)

IMDB: 3.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Following the brutal rape of a young woman by a gang of construction workers, a mysterious figure wearing a motorcycle helmet and driving a gold hearse begins hunting the perpetrators down. The masked avenger's weapon of choice, obviously, is a nail gun, with which he (or could it be she?) takes out the rapists one by one. Just who is this murderous vigilante?
GenresHorror, Thriller
Release Year1985
Duration85 min
DirectorBill Leslie, Terry Lofton
ActorsRocky Patterson, Ron Queen, Beau Leland, Michelle Meyer, Sebrina Lawless, Monica Lawless, Jerry Nelson, Mike Coady, Staci Gordon, Randy Hayes, Thom Meyers, John Price, Charles Ladeate, Joann Hazelbarth, Frances Heard
ProductionFuturistic Films

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