The Replacements (2000)

IMDB: 6.5/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A comedy based on the 1987 professional football players' strike. Gene Hackman plays the coach of the team, Jack Warden is the owner, Brett Cullen is the All-Pro quarterback that goes on strike and Keanu Reeves is the "scab" who replaces the star QB.
GenresSport, Comedy
Release Year2000
Duration118 min
DirectorHoward Deutch
ActorsKeanu Reeves, Gene Hackman, Brooke Langton, Orlando Jones, Faizon Love, Michael Taliferro, Ace Yonamine, Troy Winbush, David Denman, Jon Favreau, Michael Jace, Rhys Ifans, Gailard Sartain, Art LaFleur, Brett Cullen
ProductionBel Air Entertainment, Dylan Sellers Productions, Warner Bros.

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