Twas The Night Before Christmas (1974)

IMDB: 7.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Twas The Night Before Christmas (1974)
One Christmas season, the citizens of a small town, both human and mouse, find their letters to Santa Claus have been unceremoniously returned. Furthermore, there is a message that says the entire town has been removed from Santa's delivery itinerary due to being insulted by a letter from that town dismissing his existance. While Father Mouse confronts his cynical son, Albert, who wrote the letter; their human companions, a clockmaker and his family work to find a way to regain Mr. Claus' favour.
GenresMusical, Short, Fantasy, Animation, Family
Release Year1974
Duration25 min
DirectorJules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.
ActorsJoel Grey, Tammy Grimes, John McGiver, George Gobel, Patricia Bright, Scott Firestone, Bob McFadden, Allen Swift, Christine Winter
ProductionRankin/Bass Productions

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