Van Helsing Season 1 (2016)

IMDB: 6.9/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Set in a desolate future where a virus has turned most of the population into vampires. Sun is beclouded permanently by a murky atmosphere and vampires roam free even in the day time. Mankind's only hope is a woman who is lying unconscious since the outbreak of the virus. Woman's name (Vanessa Helsing) and traits (immunity to vampire bites, enhanced healing, and her blood turning vampires back into human's) suggest that she is a descendant of the legendary Van Helsing lineage.
GenresAction, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Release Year2016
Duration43 min
DirectorMichael Nankin
ActorsKelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, David Cubitt, Vincent Gale, Rukiya Bernard, Trezzo Mahoro, Tim Guinee, Hilary Jardine, Hannah Cheramy, Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce, Aidan Kahn, Chad Riley, Marci T. House, Johnny Mah
ProductionConstantin Film, Don Carmody Television

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